Simply the best

July 22, 2009

From: P. Kazam
Posted: February 19, 2009
Where: Incredible Agents
Subject: Simply the best

Demetrios is the best in the business. He will find you the home of your dreams because his agency has all of Boston’s best listings!!! Thanks for finding our new house.



July 21, 2009

From: Julie Laurie
Posted: September 9, 2008
Where: Incredible Agents

I spoke to this broker personally, the funny thing is he doesn’t sell real estate…Demetrios oversees a very large leasing operation in Boston and is truely a Real Estate Professional. He treated myself with courtesy and had a vast knowledge the industry. I would recommend Demetrios’ companies to anyone.

Aloha D!

July 21, 2009

From: Grant
Posted: Feb 16, 2009
Where: Incredible Agents
Subject: Aloha D!

“Demetrios, not sure if you’ll get this but whoa! You’re really creating a stir up there in Boston! First the good news… You must be doing something right! With this many competitors writing bad things you’re quickly becoming the Bill Gates of Boston real estate. If any buyers or renters are reading these please feel free to email me personally for a testimonial ( D is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He does have high expectations of his agent and he does insist on quality work. He knows more about Boston real estate than anyone I’ve ever met. Although I no longer live in Boston, I can promise you that he is the guy you want on your team. I’d work for him again in a heartbeat. Okay, now the bad news… I had to give you a “very good” on communication since it’s been a while since you called to go fishing. and your website needs some attention! So you only get a “good” on that one. 🙂 If you see this, call me -let’s go fish!”

Good Business

July 16, 2009

From: Patrick Gillespie
Posted: May 1, 2008
Where: Incredible Agents
Subject: Good Business

I began working for Demetrios at Boardwalk Properties a little over 2 ½ years ago as a real estate agent, and I would like to point out how Mr. Salpoglou carries himself both as a real estate broker, teacher and businessman in general. As an employer, I always found Demetrios to be incredible fair. He would literally spend an hour on the phone with you or in person ****isting you with any business transaction. Real estate and dealing with landlords and picky tenants can be a very difficult job to manage. I could always count on my important questions being answered in a prompt manner even if it was Saturday or Sunday. During my time at boardwalk, I was also a full time college student, and it was always understood that schoolwork came first. I was always impressed by Demetrios and the other members of the management team on how they would help me during busy periods at school or while gone on summer break.

Perhaps the greatest thing that impressed me about Demetrios was his absolute professionalism. In fact, I feel that everyone at Boardwalk learned from Demetrios via some sort of osmosis. His positive attitude always seemed to rub off on everyone in the office. I was always also impressed by Demetrios’ ethical behavior. During my time with the company I never felt pressured to lie, cheat or steal in any way—indeed it was quite the opposite—any ethical violations from within the company were always addressed quickly in the highest manger possible. I know several people that were fired for inappropriate behavior such as hiding or holding keys for too long, preventing people from showing a hot property. Demetrios also immediately let go people for false marketing. Demetrios is steadfast in keeping the companies honest with only professional agents.

In my circles around BU and talking with agents at other companies I’ve heard stories of some owners allowing agents to get away with less than stellar behavior which eventually ruins the professionalism and teamwork. Not at Boardwalk. The sense of teamwork and honesty is incredible high, and I think anyone who works there would agree. We were positively encouraged to pay good deeds forward in order for all of us to prosper. Demetrios would stress in meetings that there are no short cuts to success in life. I believe this to be true and a cornerstone of his success.

I feel I owe lot to Mr. Salpoglou, and that is why I am writing this. Over the past couple of years I have certainly learned a lot about being a real estate agent, however, and perhaps more importantly, Demetrios has taught me how to be a successful, fair and respectful salesman. In fact, I am in the process of graduating from Boston University and I will be working for a major international real estate company in Moscow. I am fully convinced that without the skills I have learned and experienced gained by working for Demetrios over the past 2 ½ years, I would have never made it past the first interview.

I would like to leave this posting with one final thought to ponder. Why do more agents come to work for the companies run by Demetrios? I have personal knowledge of agents at other companies that complain to their bosses and ask their companies to be run more like ours. Why are the companies run by Demetrios continuing to grow at an incredible rate? Why are there so many agents that have been at Boardwalk for such a long time? Since I started with the company we had around 35-40 listing (I cant remember exactly) and around 4-5 thousand landlords; now there are over 82 thousand listings and over 10,300 landlords. It saddens and humors me at the same time that I have a couple of ridiculous comments written here about the companies. I find it amusing that they are one liners with no full name left of contact information. My guess would be it is either a jealous competitor jealous of Boardwalk’s success or an agent that was let go for not having the proper ethical character.

I would be happy to discuss all the positive upsides of Boardwalk Properties that shaped me to gain the huge opportunities I now have in life (my email is below). I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to grow and prosper professionally to work there. I am also pretty confident that if you speak with any of the landlords that Boardwalk services, you will get only glowing accolades. To build a successful company, it takes smart, competent and ethical people. I found all three of those qualities in Demetrios Salpoglou, the management team and Boardwalk Properties.

Realtor Review

July 16, 2009

From: Steven Tinelo
Posted: Sep 28, 2007
Where: Incredible Agents
Subject: Realtor Review

Demetrios, helped my wife and I relocate about a year ago to Boston. Although we spoke more with Chris Parnell, Demetrios, helped us find the actual apartment we are in now. In fact, he waived a couple fees for us that saved us money. I’m writing this because I saw the other negative review and didn’t think it was accurate. It looks like I could be relocating again very soon and I won’t hesitate to call up Chris (or Demetrios) again for more help -unless I go to Austin instead of Cambridge. 🙂 We are renting so it wasn’t a buy or sell deal. I’m not sure if the transaction date is accurate. I ust remember it was November and freezing outside!

Thanks Again

July 16, 2009

From: sportskab (at)
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 4:58 PM
To: d (at)
Subject: Thanks Again

Demetrios, I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did for me. I couldn’t thank you enough for giving me the oppurtunity to work for you. Right now im working at my Dad’s office and it just isn’t the same. It feels so weird not being at NexGen or Jacob. I’m not going to lie I kind of miss being there. I am definitely going to keep in touch with you and let you know if there is anything out there for marketing purposes that will help out you and your company. I was also wondering if it is possible that whenever you get a chance if you can write a recomendation letter on my behalf on your formal stationery. It can be adressed as to To Whom It May Concern. I would truly appreciate it and I think it would be a great help for my application process. In addition you may expect to receive a more formal request through a College Application form in the very near future.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kyle Babel

Kailua-Kona Deep Sea Fishing

July 16, 2009

Back in December of 2007, Demetrios took a hiatus to the Big Island of Hawaii for some much needed R&R while visiting a a few friends and a former business associate.

While a blizzard struck the East Coast, Demetrios and a few friends experienced an epic day of deep-sea fishing in the pristine waters off of the Kona Coast.   They caught aku, ahi and marlin.  The boat chartered was the Knight Runner.  Great crew, great day.  No one else was catching fish that day.

Heading back to Honokohau Harbor, a pod of dolphins raced the prow, guiding the crew back to port.

Kailua-Kona Deep Sea Fishing 1

Kailua-Kona Deep Sea Fishing 2

Kailua-Kona Deep Sea Fishing 3

Kailua-Kona Deep Sea Fishing 4